Aboriginal-specific healthy food and lunchbox ideas


In addition to the SWAP IT parent resources, see the links below for additional Aboriginal-specific resources for children and parents/carers:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Guide to Healthy Eating 

A nutrition educational resource helping to educate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families about choosing a balanced and healthy diet. 

Tucker Talk Tips 4 Kids – Healthy Lunch Box Ideas 

The ‘Tucker Talk Tips 4 Kids’ Healthy Lunchbox resource provides useful healthy lunchbox ideas. 

Deadly Tucker Box – healthy alternatives 

A resource with tips for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander parents to pack a healthy lunch for their pre-school and primary school aged kids. 

Quick Meals for Kooris 

A hands-on food and nutrition resource developed to promote and support healthy family food preparation at home. The resource also includes a recipe book and videos. 

Videos    Recipe book

EON Recipe Book 

Delicious and healthy recipes to use the fresh fruit and vegetables grown in your EON Edible Garden. 


Get Up and Grow – good drinks for our kids 

The ‘Get Up & Grow’ booklet provides information for parents and carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children about consuming healthy drinks. 


Get Up and Grow – healthy foods for strong kids 1-5 yrs 

The ‘Get Up & Grow’ booklet provides information to parents and carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children about healthy eating. 


Tucker Talk Tips 4 Kids – 2-13 yrs 

The ‘Tucker Talk Tips 4 Kids’ guide provides information about what foods to choose each day for a balanced and healthy diet. 


Islanders Board of Industry and Service – The IBIS Healthy Food Program 

The IBIS Healthy Food Program provides education on healthy food choices and the benefits of exercise to the people of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area. 


Deadly Choices – Good Quick Tukka Recipes 

The ‘Deadly Choices – Good Quick Tukka recipes’ resource provides quick and healthy Tukka recipe ideas for healthy, quick and easy meals. 


Deadly Choices – Nutrition 

The ‘Deadly Choices - Nutrition’ resource provides quick tips on eating the right foods to promote good health and nutrition. 


Rethink Sugary Drinks 

An educational resource that encourages all Australians to rethink their sugary drink consumption. 

Watch the video: Sugary drinks are full of crap 

Victorian Aboriginal Rethink Sugary Drinks - YouTube 


Handy Serve Sizes 

The ‘Handy Serve Sizes’ is a useful guide to demonstrate food portions and serving sizes, with the use of hands as comparison. 


Healthy BBQ tips 

A resource that sets out healthy BBQ tips. What to include and what to leave out. 


Which way – Deadly Nutrition 

Resources developed to promote healthy eating and physical activity in a culturally appropriate way within Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander communities. 


Raising Children – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander parents 

A resource with reliable, up-to-date and independent information for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander parents. Designed for busy families, full of tips and tricks on food and nutrition, breastfeeding and daily care. 


Project Partners

SWAP IT was developed by NSW Health and the University of Newcastle. Implementation support provided by the following partner organisations as part of externally funded scale-up trials:

Whilst brands may be depicted in these images and videos, SWAP IT and Good For Kids has no affiliation and do not endorse any specific food brand. We do not warrant that the information we provide will meet individual health, nutritional or medical requirements, or individual school policy.

Artwork: "The heart of a child" by Lara Went, Worimi Artist.