Multicultural and Translated Lunchbox Resources

See below a wide variety of factsheets, resources and ideas for healthy lunchboxes that are available to download in other languages. Many of the resources are easy to use at home or in the classroom. 

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (includes serve information) 

A two-page flyer showing the recommended proportions of each food group in the diet, what a standard serve is and how many standard serves are recommended each day for adults and children. 

Healthy Lunchboxes Posters

Arabic       Bengali       Chinese Simplified 

Chinese Traditional       Hindi       Nepali 

Food for school

A handout with pictures of how to pack a healthy lunchbox for school. 

Food for school videos 

2-3 minute long videos explaining how and why to pack a healthy lunchbox in simple English: 

Fruit and Vegetables in Mildura booklet

An 8-page booklet with pictures, names and phonetic spelling of vegetables commonly available in Australia.


Healthy drinks handouts

A one-page visual resource to encourage consumption of water and milk instead of other drinks. 

Available in Amharic, Arabic, Dari, Dinka, Farsi, French, Karen, Kirundi, Kurmanji, Somali, Sorani, Swahili, Tigrinya, and English.

Healthy Eating Video

A 10-minute healthy eating video available in Arabic, Italian, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese and English, which teaches about healthy eating, the five food groups, portion sizes, and tips for healthy cooking.

Healthy Eating Guides and Food Label Guides

This resource teaches about healthy eating and the five food groups. Available in English, Greek, Urdu and simplified Chinese. 


Healthy living in Australia booklet

An A4-page booklet about how to eat well, maintain good bowel health, healthy teeth and the importance of physical activity. Available in Arabic, Italian, Greek, Chin Hakha, Chinese, Dari and Karen.


Healthy lunches video

A short 8-minute video explaining the difference between cooking and eating meals at home versus buying meals from outside the home. It covers topics like the cost, convenience and nutrition. Filmed in Dari and available in Karen, Tibetan, Arabic and English.


Healthy snacks handout

A simple one-page handout of healthy snack options. Minimal text in English with the main messages shown through pictures.


Healthy swaps resource

A one-page handout with pictures of everyday lunchbox swaps (minimal text and main messages shown through pictures).


Shopping for healthy food in Australia video

Multilingual education videos promoting healthy eating. Filmed in Arabic and available in English, Dari, Tibetan and Karen.  


Victorian Refugee Health Network 

Resources for buying and preparing fruits and vegetables, cooking vegetables, and ensuring food safety. Available in Amharic, Arabic, Somali, Khmer, Dari, Tigrinya, and English. 


Healthy lifestyle factsheets: 

Information on healthy eating and active living for children and families. Tips for supporting your child (0-12 years) with being active, healthy eating and screen time.  Available to download in 9 languages. 



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