Tips To Save Money

Packing an everyday lunchbox doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, everyday foods can be cheaper than sometimes foods.  Here are some tips to make your everyday lunchbox budget friendly. 

  • Buy in bulk and pack into smaller portions at the start of the week. 
  • Great everyday options include baked beans, reduced fat yoghurt, corn cakes, tinned fruit in natural juice, dried fruit, cheese and crackers. 

  • Pre-packaged snacks are quick, easy and convenient but can increase the price of your shopping trip. 
  • Popcorn, flavoured yoghurt and pikelets are simple to make yourself. 
  • Instead of pre-packaged cheese and biscuits, make your own by cutting slices of reduced fat cheese and adding wholegrain crackers in a small container. 

  • Try canned or frozen vegetables and fruit. These can be equally nutritious and can be stored for much longer. 
  • Frozen berries make a great addition to reduced fat natural yoghurt. They also help keep the yoghurt cooler for longer. 

  • Using leftovers from dinner the night before is a great way to reduce costs. 
  • Use leftover roast meat on a sandwich, baked sweet potato as a snack with hummus or leftover pasta or fried rice as the main item instead of a sandwich. Remember to pack an ice brick to keep the food safe. 

  • You may find yourself running low on everyday lunchbox items by Friday. Instead of packing a traditional ‘main’ or ordering from the canteen, make a ‘tasting box’ with a combination of all your leftover ingredients from the fridge. Waste not – want not! 

  • Look out for specials on everyday products like reduced fat yoghurt, hummus, roasted chickpeas or fava beans and different varieties of bread. This will add interest in the lunchbox and is a great time to try new products. 


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