SWAP IT Savoury


SWAP From These Types Of Sometimes Foods

Chips / Crisps Pretzels Flavoured biscuits / crackers
Coloured popcorn Noodle snack Crackers and cheese/sweet dips

SWAP To These Types Of Everyday Foods

Looking for some savoury everyday snack ideas that require no preparation? See below for some easy everyday snacks. 


  • Store bought pre-cut carrot and celery sticks 


  • Plain air-popped popcorn (lightly salted) 

Savoury biscuit/crackers

  • Mini rice cakes, rice wheels 
  • Plain rice cracker snacks 

Reduced fat Cheese

  • Mini cheese snacks 
  • Cheese stringers 
  • Cream cheese 
  • cheese sticks/cubes

Reduced fat Cheese and biscuits

  • Cheese and rice crackers 
  • On the go cheese and crackers 
  • Cheese and water crackers 


  • Roasted chickpeas (lightly salted) 
  • Roasted fava beans 
  • Air puffed /roasted fava beans 
  • Roasted corn kernels 
  • Baked beans mini cans  


  • Small cans tuna (95g) 


  • Beetroot tzatziki 
  • Hummus 
  • Tzatziki 

* Before packing nuts, remember to check if your school has a ‘nut-free policy’. 

Looking for some savoury everyday snack ideas that require a little preparation? See our list below.

Vegetable snacks

Buy snack size vegetables or chop vegetables and store in small containers. 

  • Baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes 
  • Vegeta­ble sticks e.g. carrots, capsicum, cucumber 

Dip snacks

Buy large tubs of dip and repackage into smaller containers, e.g. Hummus, Tzatziki, Beetroot hummus, Guacamole 


Buy large blocks of reduced fat cheese and cut into cubes or slices ready for the lunchbox. Pair with plain rice crackers.  


Buy large packets of air-popped popcorn and repackage into smaller containers.


Buy large cans or packets and repackage into smaller containers, e.g. baked beans.


Buy large packets and repackage into smaller containers. 

  • Corn thins 
  • Rice cakes 
  • Crispbreads 
  • Rice crackers 
  • Water crackers

*Before packing nuts, remember to check if your school has a ‘nut-free policy’ 

Project Partners

SWAP IT was developed by NSW Health and the University of Newcastle. Implementation support provided by the following partner organisations as part of externally funded scale-up trials:

Whilst brands may be depicted in these images and videos, SWAP IT and Good For Kids has no affiliation and do not endorse any specific food brand. We do not warrant that the information we provide will meet individual health, nutritional or medical requirements, or individual school policy.

Artwork: "The heart of a child" by Lara Went, Worimi Artist.