Everyday Lunchbox Planner 

The ‘SWAP IT Everyday Lunchbox Planner’ is designed to make it easier for you to pack a lunchbox full of everyday foods. By planning ahead, you can make sure your child has a healthy lunchbox to help them concentrate, learn and play throughout the day. 

When children are involved in planning their lunchbox, they are more likely to eat what’s packed. Download a free printable version of our lunchbox planner to try with your child today. Why not laminate a copy and write straight onto it with a whiteboard marker? 

It can be confusing to know what to pack in a lunchbox. To make it easier for you we have provided a guide of what should be included. 

What Should I Pack?

See our “Packing an Everyday Lunchbox Resource” for more lunchbox inspiration. 

Veg & Fruit Break: Vegetables or fruit

Recess: Vegetables or fruit + 1-2 everyday snacks (e.g. plain air popped popcorn, roasted fava beans, reduced fat yoghurt, dates, cheese and wholegrain crackers, pikelets, fruit scones). 

Lunch: A meal made with everyday foods, such as a sandwich, wrap, salad, pasta or rice dish (e.g. pasta salad,  rice paper rolls, or zucchini slice). View our recipes page for inspiration.  

Drink: Water and/or reduced fat plain milk, or milk alternative.

Ice brick: Frozen ice brick, frozen water bottle, or frozen reduced fat plain milk popper to keep cold foods cold or use a good quality thermos to keep hot foods hot.  See our “how to keep foods safe page”. 


Click on the image below to download a PDF copy of the SWAP IT Everyday Lunchbox Planner.

Project Partners

SWAP IT was developed by NSW Health and the University of Newcastle. Implementation support provided by the following partner organisations as part of externally funded scale-up trials:

Whilst brands may be depicted in these images and videos, SWAP IT and Good For Kids has no affiliation and do not endorse any specific food brand. We do not warrant that the information we provide will meet individual health, nutritional or medical requirements, or individual school policy.

Artwork: "The heart of a child" by Lara Went, Worimi Artist.